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API Access from an external orchestrator

For a research project we are trying to use the OSM (ETSI Open Source Mano) Orchestrator to connect to SwitchEngines. On the orchestrator we used this command to create the link between the OSM and SwitchEngines:

osm vim-create --name SWITCHengine --user mySwitchEngineUserName --password mySwitchEnginePassword --auth_url https://keystone.cloud.switch.ch:5000/v3 --tenant myTenantName --account_type openstack --config=’{region_name: ZH, user_domain_name: Default, project_id: 470b2ca7000f485ba2392e46514bd62a, APIversion: v3.3}’

But when trying to create an instance through this orchestrator, we are facing some trouble. We got an error message telling us that we are not authenticated. When specifying only the region_name, we have no authentication error, but the OSM tells us that the image for our VM is not found (we supposed then that we are connected with the wrong parameters). We were specifying the parameter present in the clouds.yaml, but without success.

Could you tell us if we miss a parameter for this API Access ?

Does the software provide more detailed log files about the failure? (Ideally, we could see the messages that Keystone sends back)

Does the software use Keystone V2 or V3? We have switched to V3 and some parameters have changed. See https://docs.openstack.org/keystone/pike/contributor/http-api.html (“I have a non Python client”) for the changed parameters.

The error about the image could be due to the fact the image UIDs differ in the two regions (even for the same image name)

Unfortunately, we don’t have more log available and the Keystone response is encrypted. We are using the V3 API. When working with the OpenStack Python SDK using the same authentication parameters, everything works fine.

Regarding the image, we are specifying her name, not an ID, so this should not be the problem.