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How can I add other people to a project?

How can I add other people to my project with id afd68b8dc0a947708160a44c1705cae5 in Identity>Projects?

At the moment I have no option in the UI to add people to the project so that
everyone can modify the same instances etc.

Unfortunately it’s currently not possible for a SWITCHengines user to directly add other users to a project.

For the moment, you need to send mail to engines-support@switch.ch and ask us (the SWITCHengines admins) to do that for you - just mention the project and user name(s). We will usually do this within a few hours.

In the future, we’ll try to find a way to delegate management of projects so that this becomes a “self service” operation. The standard authorization mechanisms of OpenStack aren’t really powerful enough to allow this, but together with our colleagues from other research network operators we’ll find a way.