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LBaaS - Load Balancer as a Service

Dear all

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the whole release process of OpenStack and all the different parts of it.

There was a time, when Load-Balancer-as-a-Service was part of “Neutron” and available in SwitchEngines (found an old help page with screenshot). Since the “Queens” release, neutron-lbaas is deprecated and is now moved over from Neutron to Octavia.

Any plans to integrate Octavia? Or maybe it is already integrated but only available over the API?

What version of OpenStack is actually deployed at SwitchEngines? Is it published somewhere?

Best whishes,

Dear Ivan

sorry for the late reply - we have been extremely busy the last few days.

We are currently on the Ocata release and we know that the whole LBaaS issue is not satisfactory. We are planning on moving to a newer release of OpenStack soon(ish) and then to enable / integrate Octavia.


Dear Jens

Thanks for the info.

Stay safe!

Best wishes,