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Mounting SWITCHdrive issue after Snapshot

Hello !
I recently took a snapshot of my SWITCHengine instance. After that, I’ve restarted my instance but I haven’t been able to mount my SWITCHdrive anymore since the snapshot … When I try mounting it :

mount ~/switchdrive

I get this error message :

/sbin/mount.davfs: Mounting failed. Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge

Does anyone know what could cause this problem ? I’ve been working on solving it by reinstalling davfs2 or rebuilding the instance but it didn’t help,
Weird thing is : Doing exactly the same on my debian personal computer works, so it seems like the problems isn’t from SWITCHdrive but from my instance. Have you ever had this issur ? How can I fix it ?

Thanks for helping me.

Sylvain E.K.

Bonjour Sylvain,

which OS image are you using?

Are the .davfs2 directory under your home directory and the secrets file within it still intact?


I’m using the Debian 8.5 default image, given by SWITCHengines.

I’ve checked the .davfs2 dir as well as the secrets file. Both of them are in the right place and their content is still intact.

By the way, the davfs2.conf has not been modified too.

I tried building a new instance based on the snapshot I did, but the same problem happens in the new instance too. It makes sense but I just wanted to check that.

Any other idea of what isn’t woorking the way it should ?