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Proposing a PaaS (Cloud Foundry) among your other services

Hello, I’m a Master’s student at HES-SO Lausanne and I did a presentation for Switch engines a few month ago at the EPFL’s Amphimax. I post here to ask you if you were thinking about using your existing Open Stack infrastructure to host a PaaS, and more specifically a Cloud Foudry service.

The reason of this question is mainly because I hear more and more people taking about it. We had presentations from swiss top public and private companies involved in this project (Cloud Foundry), and I think you guys have a role to play in this, among other top companies. I immediately though about you because you already have the necessary IaaS to host it and it could be a diversification in your income. Moreover, some courses already begun to use homemade (and fragile) PaaS for teaching, namely Big Data or Data Processing, thank to the extreme scalability it offers. So it’s “poping” here and there, backed up by world tech companies like EMC, Google, VMWare or General Electric. Swisscom got into it in october and already have a monetized dev. dashboard.

Do you have any plans ? :smile:


Dear Julien

thanks for your suggestion! We are tracking the various needs and ideas, and PaaS certainly is on our radar. We have not committed to installing CloudFoundry yet and offer it as a service. We are however actively working on Hadoop/Spark based services and will have prototypes to play with during 2016.

Let me know if you want access.