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S3 Object Storage - Bucket Url Schema

Amazon S3 supports both virtual-hosted–style and path-style URLs to access a bucket.

In a virtual-hosted–style URL, the bucket name is part of the domain name in the URL. For example: “http://bucket.s3.amazonaws.com

In a path-style URL, the bucket name is not part of the domain. For example: “http://s3.amazonaws.com/bucket

It would be very helpful, if you could provide more documentation on which URL schema you support.

How can I access my bucket?

Example: Bucketname: photos, Region: ZH

The support-team of SWITCHengines told me that they support both URL schemes.

The SWITCHengines S3 compatible object storage supports both URL schema to access your buckets and keys.

  • You can use the path style URL like https://os.zhdk.cloud.switch.ch/BUCKET_NAME
  • Or you can use the virtual host style URL like https://BUCKET_NAME.os.zhdk.cloud.switch.ch. But do not create or use a bucket name with a dot “.” in it, it would break the HTTPS/SSL validation.
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