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S3 Object Storage - Management UI

AWS S3 provides a user interface to display all buckets, edit the bucket policy ect.
Are there any plans to provide something similar in near future?- This would be very useful to get started quickly.

Unfortunately we do not have a nice web management interface for the SWITCHengines S3 object storage.

To manage your buckets and objects, I would recommend the s3cmd command line interface, it is very easy to use. For a nice GUI on Windows or Mac you could use Cyberduck, which also support S3.

I use cyberduck in a ok mode (It still has certificate errors), but with todays cyberduck update (5.1.0 20872) it does no longer access my buckets. I get an error “Anzeigen des Ordners /” fehlgeschlagen. (…) Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand. Request header field is missing ‘:’ separator’ … As it was running fine directly before the update: Are there any alternative clients one can use and that are recommended?

Thanks, Kai

we are aware of this issue. The latest version of Cyberduck forces by default a AW4 signature, but our S3 backend does not support it.

Please check here:

how to configure cyberduck to use the AW2 signature.

Let me know if this fixes your problem.


An update: We upgraded our storage solution (Ceph) to a new version earlier this year, and AWS4 signatures are now supported. So you no longer have to use the workaround my colleagues have described.