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Signup / Login choices (for this forum)

We use an open source discussion forum software to power this message board. Unfortunately, it is missing some “enterprise” functionality like AAI or LDAP backed logins. We are evaluating a solution that will eventually allow access either via LDAP or AAI - but for now we have chosen to go with a separate signup process.

As an alternative, we will enable certain other federated logins - Github, Twitter, Google and Facebook come to mind. They will show up here over time.

Github, Twitter and Google are activated - do people want Facebook?

Can I use my SWITCHengines account?

Or my Swiss edu-ID?

I would love to, but Discourse doesn’t support either LDAP or Shibboleth at the moment…

Well, I’m sure someone has written some sort of Shibboleth integration, because SWITCHtoolbox includes Discourse. For example, I can log in to the “switchcloud” combo’s Discourse instance using SWITCHaai via https://switchcloud.discourse.toolbox.switch.ch/login

Our boss’s boss has made it very clear that he is not happy with the current choice of login providers. We really need to show a bit of effort trying to integrate with the officially blessed systems (SWITCHaai or possibly Swiss edu-ID).

Yes, RF has written the old Shibboleth/Discourse login code which is used in Toolbox. That code means that the Toolbox version of Discource is around 3 years old and cannot be updated… RF and I have been discussing ways forward, and the most promising way forward is to create a AAI enabled SSO server, that Discourse can hook into.

We will get this fixed!