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Upgrade to OpenStack Kilo

On the 14.3 and 21.3 we have upgraded our OpenStack infrastructures in Lausanne and Zurich to the Kilo release. There are a few changes in the user interface, but a lot of under the hood changes. Those improve the overall stability and performance of the cluster and give us the opportunity to introduce new features over the next few weeks.

Here are our very short term plans for new features:

  • Enable SWIFT object store (we already have an S3 compatible object store, we will enable the SWIFT compatible layer and expose it in the user interface)
  • Enable Cinder Backups (building on the SWIFT object store interface, we will enable the capability to create geographical distributed backups of your VMs disk)
  • IPv6 - finally (A lot of people have been asking for this and we have been unhappy about not being able to provide it. As a first step, we will give each VM a routable IPv6 address)

More details to follow, as these things are implemented

your SWITCHengines team

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