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Uploading custom image on Switchengines doesn't work

When trying to upload an new RAW image on Switch engine, we each time get an error, just telling us that we have to contact the administrator. We followed the documentation available on the Switchengines website.

Uploading a Cirros RAW image (41MB) works, but uploading a Ubuntu 16.04 RAW image (2.36GB) or Debian RAW (2.15GB) doesn’t work.

Is there any image size limitation ?

Bonjour François—

thanks for your posting, and sorry for the issues. We obviously have an effective size limitation, though we don’t think we configured one explicitly. My colleagues are investigating this right now.
We recently moved the SWITCHengines Web UI (OpenStack Horizon dashboard) to a Kubernetes cluster. Maybe the limitation was introduced by accident—could be insufficient disk/memory space, or too aggressive timeouts between components. We’ll keep you updated!
Note that you can also use the CLI (openstack image create ...) to upload images. That should avoid most of the possible limitations.


I pushed a change to the SWITCHengines web interface. Could you please try now to upload the bigger image and give me feedback ? It should work.
thank you


Hi all,

Thanks for your comments and corrections. All works fine now !

This is a great service !